Bay Area-based Chloe Zelma and her band understand the phases of the moon, in the same way a cosmonaut navigates the night sky, Zelma Stone harvest instrumentals that mystically complement Chloe’s soulful and haunting vocals. Hear them and you’ll smile; understand them and you’ll sweat. With a sound interlacing some sort of cosmic Angel Olsen, Jefferson Airplane, and Big Thief mashup, the band will release their debut EP, Layla, in early 2019.

Layla is named after one special pup. Front woman Chloe Zelma wrote these songs after a handful of losses, including the death of her brother, Layla’s original owner, Brett. The EP captivates listeners with 4 highly narrative tracks that are as meditative as they are shaking. Exploring themes of grief, heartbreak, sexual harassment, and discovering one’s self worth, Layla carries the memories and love that live on.


Upcoming shows...

  • April 17 - Chloe of Zelma Stone SOlo at The Riptide in SAn Francisco~ 8 pm/ Free/ 21+

  • April 26 - San Francisco, At Amnesia with Tino Drima and Classic Hat